This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

06 December 2009

On ye eue of ye day of Saint Nicholas, I moued me to attend ye fesiual called Boar's Head, and therat saw many friends 7 crowns. Et I spake at length with my dear cousin Mistress Melisant et so also spake with Viscountess Iulia of whom I think most highly, et ye conuersation was exceedingly short, much to my sorrow, but we were both taken with others things needful of our attencion. 7 so also I saw my dear gossip ye Lord Toshikagi, whom ye Crown was moved to place on vigil in preparation for an eleuation of hys estate, et he shall become a member of ye moost noble Order of ye Laurel. 7 many others were in attendance, including my Lady daughter, et her hosbond, Theodwyn, et all ye babees: Curnan, Riley, et Osmond. 7 I had grete pleasure at yr companie et chased ye babes et delighted in yr laughter 7 watched my Lady daughter as she moved about ye fest with grete happiness, et was sore sad when she et her kin departed for Maison-Vpon-Newbury. But my Lord Miguel et I straid not for ye feast, but left vpon ye completion of ye Crown's business, having had little rest et fearful of falling asleep on ye iourney home. Et so we returned vnto Marihaus and therafter to listen briefly to ye Iester tell a story et then to my chambers, et sleep.


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