Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

15 March 2017

On ys day, I received word by way of Master Iohann von Metten yt ye good baroness, Mistress Alice of Kent, hath died. Master Iohann sent forward this news, having had it of one Marcella, 7 her missiue said yt ye good Alice died at the hospital owned by the Franciscans, called Elmbroke. Et so I know yt she had good help and comfort as her soul departed, 7 surely she meets with her hosbund, Baron Antonio, whom we called Price, 7 her daughter. 7 this year hath been heuy with ye duties of death, for so also haue Baron Duhgall died, 7 Daniel ye German, 7 Maria of Hoyse Moore, 7 Goodman Mark of Ceneleg, 7 Mark ye broder of Thomas Hallr Knnutsen, et others so sick yt death came near ym, 7 I am burdened wh ys worry.

25 October 2015

On ys day I read a missive of Mistress Eliane Halevy, bearing news that Mistress Aidan Morgana Evans hath died. I cannot help but weep.

02 March 2012

I am at last returned from ye barony of Western Seas, which is in ye Neww Kingdom of Caid, and I moost weary for all ye trauel. Et my Lord et I trauelled there at ye inuitation of his grete friend, Dauid von dem grünen Berg, et we were in ye company of hys lady wyffe 7 daughter. Et we were hosted within ye Canton of Torvald & trauelled in ye Cantons of Castle North et Bard's Keep, but we were much isolated from ye denezins of ye Newe Kingdom et instead found ourselves most among ye Nihonese who also trauel there. Et so we were situated most comfortably in an Inn, et visited many fine places, 7 yt which did seem passing stragne was yt of an Ottoman house, which hadde many fine tiles and plates made by ye Moors & having vpon ym Arms et phases in latin.

01 June 2010

On ye day of St Augustine of Canturbury, I moued me to attend ye faire in Silfren Mere, a grete tournament of chiualry. 7 though I could not fight, I was exceeding pleased to be able to participate in a contest of skill at bow, but, alas, to my gret sorrow and grief, my bow was unfit for service et though a good gentle kindley gave to me hys that I might use it, 7 so I returned to ye encampment set vp by my lady Margaret et her companion Lord Edwin et spent my time in conuersation wh my lord, et Mistress Giovanna, et my lady, and others as were there. And so also did I speak to Mistress Aramanthra, a grete favorite of mine, and diuers others. 7 so also did I receive a message yt my dear Mistress Ghita sent, carrying news of the grete tourney in the Kingdom of the Middle, declaring yt a new Crown was chosen thereat. But nonetheless, I was sore sorry that I had no games or other diuersions, and near wept with the frustration of having no long time at archery. 7 my lady Margaret provided a splendid meal, but was ill, and could not partake of it herself, and so we soon packed vp ye car and departed again to her home.

On ye day of Mybrad, we met with Mistress Giovanna et her lord, Padruig, with my Lady Margaret, et ate a hearty meal together et shared news of the tourney et other such things as had happened while we were apart, et we ate at a sign yt showed a globe but was not named such. Et thereafter we departed, et spent ye remainder of ye day in trauel, returning vnto Marihaus.

On ye ides of May, I moued me to attend a fair in a place called Ianevil, et saw thereat my lady daughter et her dtr Osmond et son Harold, et so also saw her hosbond receiue of Syr Dafydd some instruccion in ye arte of ye tourney. Et so also did we speak with Geoff of Easley, et Lady Genvieve de Bellville, et listened to a ladies madrigal, et a harpest called Brithwen, et ye Lorde Abelard, et diuers others. & my lord knight had brought with hym a set of armor for youths et babies, et I helped ye village boys to try said things on, yt they might know what it is like to dress in such stuffs, et they were exceedingly pleased to try ym.

But on ys date, while walking to ye Earle’s Chancery, I stumbled et fell, and am sore wounded, and am seen to by one of ye midwyfes, knowing something of stanching blood, et my leg is scratched as if a baited bear had beatan me. Et it aches, 7 I went to market, owing yt tomorrow is a fyssche day, et will instruct my cook to prepare said food in accordance with the way how to make it as I saw from Master Edward H., who doth send about his books of cookery and hath sent one that is of my lord’s native lands called Libre del Coch. And such wholesome thing might tempt him, being he is unwell now, but not so ill as he must have foods for ye inualids.

26 May 2010

On ys day, I visited ye kitchens et noted that it is become too hot already and have determined yt a summer kitchen must be built, 7 set to order, 7 vsed, owing to the grete heat yt seethe into ye house from ye closeness of the kitchens. But said summer kitchen shall not be ouer big, but only of a small enough size, for it is unwise to spend too much on such a building to be used only at such tymes. But nonetheless, this is added to my list of items yt must be done to recouer from yese last yeres. & ye heat of ys season is too much, 7 I can little recall so hot a May.

7 so also on ys day, I receiued of ye Marchoness a letter of credit for some 12 soueriegn and seueral shillings, et am to take it to ye stores at Bosten. And so also did she invite all at ye Chancery et others of her household to eat al fresco 7 set her men to cook beef over flames, et I had no veil or mask for my face and could find no shade and so have had my skin marred by ye sun, but not to my discomfort, et I most thankful for that.

19 May 2010

On ys day, I moved me to walk about ye estate at Marihaus et determine what thyngs must be done, owing to having neglected much during ys grete illness.

Item: ye meshes at ye first door, ye field door, & ye grete window in my apartment needs must be mended.

item: ye field dore et ye stable dores must be whitewashed, as must ye whole stable, et ye steppes vnto ye field door.

item: ye bottom boards of ye stable must be replaced.

item: ye near garden must be weeded, et so also all ye far gardens. Et ye east field needs must be mown.

item: ye tree I obrtained some weeks ago must be planted, et seedlings set out.

item: ye clothing yt I can make no more of must be seperated out, yt it may be sent as alms vnto ye poor or sold vnto ye rag & bone man, each piece in accordance with its repair.

item: ye archery equipment must be seen to, et ye butts rebuilt.

22 December 2009

On ys day, I have not moved from Marihaus, owing to illness. 7 I was to ye surgeon yesterday, who bade me rest and stay away from ye Earle's Chancery these *iij* days, and I am vexed at ys but am in no wise willing to go against it. Et so also do I fret heavily, having will to do much that needs attention, but have little ability.

Et vpon ye *xj*th day of December, which is for remeberance of Saint Damascus, I sent vnto my sonne a boke of letters by which he may have greater instruction in ye way how to write ym, et some days later receiued of hym a letter bearing news of my lady daughter et her children, et he saith yt all is well wh ym, 7 I right glad to know it.

And so also did we trauel vnto Marihaus with ye babes, Curnan 7 Ryley, yt we might spend some portion of time wh Rosamund, Gerald, Catlin 7 Iames, et yr babe, Kilian. Et I owe some of ys illness to ys heavy trauel, having been too weak to endure yt and having had no rest, for too true it is yt I have been dreadful ill since St Lucy's eve.

As for yt evening, the Marchoiness sent vnto me a purse containing *c* soverigns, et I humbly grateful for it, owing to the woes we have had ys year, et set aside ys purse for use in alms and gifts in Christmastide. But I was most distressed to send her man away with word yt I could not come to ye banquet she had prepared for ye grete discomfort I had, although I did not know at yt time just how ill I was.

Et vpon St. Lucy's day, my Lord Miguel et I went vnto ye feast in celebration of ye marriage of ye Lady Jennifer of ye River's Edge, who hath married one lord William whom I know naught of, but she seemed most pleased for the marriage and hath departed these lands to live in ye lands of her hosbond. 7 at same feast I spent pleasant time in ye companie of many of House Redhair, 7 gave unto ye new-made wyfe a purse containing as many soverigns as I could spare.

But vpon ye next day, I woke with such sickness as caused my Lord to exclaim and pray of me yt I might go to ye surgeons. Et I did not, instead exhausting myself in tyring to continue to run ye household et keep faith et duties at ye Earle's Chancery, et so am now made so ill that I am to return to bed vpon completing ys account.