Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

09 July 2005

Vpon this day did I give my counsel unto Their Royal Majesties, that they may know what I know of those whom I do respect. Therewith I did depart and listen for the news of the day, sitting with the Heralds and working vpon a badge to gift unto Margaret. Vpon being commanded to attend Their Majesties in their court, I did avow service and watch as Their Majesties made gifts unto those who have received Their favor. Thereafter, in the presence of the kyng, queen, et all others who did come, did I take the Lady Margaret fitz William of Kent as my vassal, promising her the tillage of lands sufficient to support her in return for her service. So also did I make unto her a gift of near *v* ells of woolen cloth, that she may work into a dress in such form as it pleaseth her to wear, and the simple badge of linen and silk that I did make for her some hours before. An it please the gods, both of us shall benefit from the association.

Hereafter, the news: Their Majesties did command a lord unknown to me, a man called Cecil Hagan, to sit in vigil for the Order of Chivalry. So also did They make Cainnech ruadh macGuairi et Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid bearers of the Order of the Laurel, and Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev a bearer of the Order of the Pelican. So also did their Majesties command a new tax, and spake of coming letters patent that would detail this new fee.

08 July 2005

On this day, I did give my grace unto Kou Toshikage that he might bear it into a tourney designed vpon the Arte of Defense. I was most pleased to watch him; he fought with valor and honor, and no Lady need ever be displeased with such comportment. Vpon returning from the list, I did find that the Lady Margaret had arrived. Thereafter did we go unto the great hall, that we might partake of the food and drink the Great Barons who do host the said fair of Iuly offerred unto any who did come. Thence, to bed, though the merriment did continue withal.

07 July 2005

On this day, I did learn of a certainty of the way to apply a cloth in design; I was earlier mistaught and am most grateful for this correction. So also did I set my hand to the decorating of a veil, of black velvet, trimmed in silke, et wrought with beads and pearls. Mistress Bronwyn did arrive with her seruant Iessica. We did also spend some time amongst the household of Leif et Astrid, Viscountes of the old kyngdome, and there we did meet many whom we were well pleased to see, including the Prince born far hence, in Nihon, called by the Venitian Marco Polo by name of Chipangu.

06 July 2005

Today, spent vpon the Kyng's roads, in travel to the aforementioned fair of Iuly. We arrived in the afternoon and prepared our place, setting aside certain portions for others of our household yet to join us. In the evening, we did take company with the Lady Larissa and her Lord Liam, of the Kyngdom to the south et from the shire called Ravenslake. We did spend many a merry hour in company with their household, and Maestra Giovanna, who did seek us there and tarry with vs for the pleasant pastymes et most excellent companionship.

05 July 2005

Upon the morning, I set my servants to packing the wagons, thinking to depart this day. Alas, we are delayed by the injury my Lord Miguel doth suffer. It is most difficult for him to stand for any goodly length of time. We depart vpon the morrow.

04 July 2005

This day, in preparation for the Kyng's coming fair aside the Black River. The green dress hath been delivered unto me, although I may still send it forth unto the broiderers, that it may be further embellished.