Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

17 August 2008

Vpon ye day of Saint Joachim. my Lord Miguel et I waited upon ye Baron et Baroness at ye yr tourney, et spent pleasaunt hours in discourse with many whom I hath seen little iin these passing months. Et so also did I see my old gossips, Lady Gabrielle and Lady Genvieve. and most pleased was I, fot it hath been many years since I was with them and able to speak of things we all enjoy. 7 we have all promised to gather again, having made oaths to one another to work on such documents and illuminations as we may. 7 so also did I spend time in ye companie of ye Countess Julia, for whom I have great regard, et ye Baroness Alice, et others, but I did not shoot in ye archery tourney et so am sad for ys.

Thereafter we trauelled unto Wylcliffe to see what improvements have been made, as my lord's man Christopher hath been installed there to ensure such work occureth; 7 the work comes apace quickly, and many improvements have been made to the manor. My Lord has agreed yt I shall have the design of ye back wing according to my pleasure et so I spoke with Christopher about ys, 7 it is something yt may be done, et I most happi for this. 7 thereafter we spent a great deal of time touring ye lands to see what damage hat been wrought by ye floods of ys yr, and noted many improvements yt have been made in our absence to ye roads that we think no improvement at all.

Et I boarded with ye lady Catlin et her lord Iames, for Wylcliffe is not in fit state for a lady of my station, ye changes be so grete. But thereafter to Marihaus, et the trip smooth 7 of no note.

10 August 2008

Vpon ys day, I learned yt my woman, ye Lady Margaret, hath been to ye Pennsic Iousts ys year et I knew it not, et I am most distressed for hauing missed her thereat.

We take to ye roads in several hours et God willing will be returned to Marihaus in safety et speed.

09 August 2008

On ys day, we began our iourney home, et having caused some of ye stuffe of ye household to be attached to our wagons, returned to ye manor of Mistress Margherita, et spent ye day in trauell.

08 August 2008

On ys day, I went from out ye encampment et sought information on ye printer of whom I had heard report. Et so in walking I met with Mistress Alexis, with whom I had had much correspondence but had not met, et a lady of ye encampment yt hosted ye Goodman Ethan of Gilsdorf. & I spoke with them at length, owing vnto ye rains, et learned of ym more in ye vseful arte of knitting. 7 ye lady Vihlein spake with me regading ye ouens yt are run within yr encampment, et I am determined o pursue ys acquaitence, owing to ye pleasure of talking wh her et ye hope of further learning yt may be of vse in improving ye manor.

7 thence I found ye printer of whom I had heard report et spoke with him at grete length regarding ye workings of his press, et am minded to comission such documents as I may, or obtain a press in my own name, yt I might profit from this business as well as work within ye Earle's chancery. Et so also did I introduce his work to ye Mistress Gwenhwyvar, yt she may also know more of ys work.

Et thereafter did my Lord et I begin ouersight og ye packing of our wagonsm yt we might leave vpon ye next day.

07 August 2008

On ys day, I set forth to ye fair yt I might again seek a gift to send to my lady daughtre in distant Madrone, and spent ye most part of ye day in ys. Thereafter I sought ye goodman Ethan of Gilsdorf, who had spent some time at Marihaus several fortnights past, and whose conuersation gave me grete pleasure. Et he was in attendance within hys encampment and we spoke several moments, but owing to ye lateness of ye hour, I staid not, but noted the pleasauntness of ye camp et thought to learn more of ye company with which he staid. Et so to dinner et then to visitations thereafter.

06 August 2008

On ys day, I moued from out ye encampment to watch some of ye iousts et to obtain those things which I might need in future, et so spent ye day amongst ye merchants in yr faire. Et in all I purchased a spoon of silverm et a knife et a simple Italian fork for ye table, et 5 ells of linen, et baubles for ye young lords. So also did I buy parchment. I could find no gift for my lady daughter or her companion. Et I spent much time in pleasaunt discorse with many of my acquaintence, including ye Master Eadric, et ye Countess Guenievre du Dragon Vert, 7 my lady Margaret's man, ye Lord Edwin atte Bridge, et ye Lord Dahrien Cordell and his lady wife Mistress Mysie. And many others. Et thereafter it was so late that I went willingly to bed.

05 August 2008

I haue moued little from ye encampment in yse days, 7 haue spent ye time in ye company of my friends et haue learnt from Mana Borisoua some ways in which I might change colors and numbers of stitches in ye cap I am making, 7 I most grateful for her help. So also does she continue in working up ye stockings she hath promised, and makes good progress, 7 I most content to be at ease.

03 August 2008

Vpon ys day, we rose at Terce et instructed ye seruants in setting up our pauillion, 7 in ys we receiued assistance from ye others of ye encampment. Et we were right glad to see our compaionions, some of whom we had not seen in many months. Et we ate with ye household according to ye meal provided by my woman, ye Lady Mana Borisoua, 7 I had great pleasure in yr company. Et yr was little else done ys day, owing to our grete exhaustion.

Vpon ye day of Iames ye Apostle, my Lord et I directed our seruants in ye packing of ye household stuffes, yt we might iourney as commanded vnto ye Pennsic iousts. & ys took many days. 7 so we took to ye Kynges roads et trauelled unto ye fairs on answer to ye Crown's summons, et were long delayed, et arriueth not vntill many hours after Matins. Et thereafter to bed in ye wagons.