Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

28 February 2007

On ys day, I received a letter of my Laurel, Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys, who announced vnto me ye death of Stefano d'Amato, and I wept to learn of it.

22 February 2007

Vpon Ash Wednesday, I received a letter of the Weston manor, that I might obtain of ym certain apple trees for planting at Wylcliffe, and I am to visit ym come April to chose my trees. And so also haue I spoken to Richard ye Huntsman, yt I might arrange a hunt in ye fall, and am minded to purchase a new bow for the hunt. I have already sent forth instruction to the taylors to make a suit of clothing as is worthy of this pursuit.

This evening, I did send a man to obtain for vs a pye of Naples from ye Inn yt doth employ a cook from ye same city, and thereafter, my lord et I did little but read, each at our own studies.

12 February 2007

Vpon ys day, I returned vnto ye Earle's Chancery, having returned to Marihaus last eventide. We arrived home but a few hours before the snows, having finished a progress between ye manor of Maestra Giovanna et her Lord, Padruig, et ye home of Catlin et James, which doth border on the Wycliffe manor. Et so also did we view Wycliffe House, but as ye winds were cold et snows heavy, we did not depart from ye carriage and instead sent word to ye men yt ye outbuilding by the road hath been damaged and must be repaired.

Et Maestra Giovanna showed me the gift of stockings with garters yt she had made, and I found them a pretty thing and am minded to make like things for myself.

04 February 2007

Vpon ye eve of Candlemas, I received of ye goody Pamela, who doth now dwell at ye place called Grey Gargoyles, a message requesting that my Lord et I trauel vnto her home and celebrate among many long vnseen friends, and I sorrowful to relay vnto her that I could not, having been commanded et committed vnto attending ye crown at yier Tournement of Chivalry to take place vpon ye day after Candlemas, 7 my Lord vpon yt same day to contract for ye manufacture of a cart in Vanished Woods.

Et so I did take to ye roads and trauel vnto ye Canton of Coille Stoirmeil to attend their majesties pleasure, et ye trip was quiet but for the vicious cold, which did cause much difficulty in both ye trauel et ye tourney, 7 I found it wisest to stay in ye hall that was away from the rooms in which ye tourney was held, for it was too bitter to walk between ye halls. Some who did fell and hurt ymselves and were sent vnto ye physicians. And so also was Count Raito grievously hurt at ye tourney, but word was sent vnto us before ye end of ye day yt ye physicks of ye doctors had assisted him to recover.

But I witnessed none but a few moments of ye tourney, retiring to ye waiting hall and sitting at table with many a companion, and most especially Maestra Giovanna and her gossips, and we serued from out our own chests beef et bread et cheeses et an apple pudding et sundry other things, and her honourable Lord, Padruig, et others of the men would sometimes leave off yr fighting et sit at table briefly to replenish themselves. Et Giovanna helped me to straighten my handwork, that I might learn to make stockings after the fashion of ye Egyptians.

Et also on ys day did ye Crown announce yt They would increase the estate of the roman, Niklos, et bade him stand vigil for knighthood.

On ys day, naught but rest for ye greater part thereof, and I have set my cook to preparing blancmange from ye chicken we used not at ye Tourney, and will send for ye baybee, Curnan, yt we might care for him and give ye Lady Isobel an evenings ease.