Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

06 January 2007

Ephiphany. This day, little by way of celebration though it be Twelfth Day. I am minded to have the players perform vpon my return ys evening but consider it no difficulty if I should retire to chambers before time. My lord and I hath many days celebrated this Christmastide and I most willing to rest vpon ys oon.

Vpon Second night, we traueled to the home of ye goody Barbara, who hath suffered for her husbands death not a month past, and spent ye evening in conuersation wh her 7 her father, et her daughter et her man, 7 spake at length of 'membrances.

Et so also did we spend ye seuenth night wh many at a merriment over two manors; first, at a masque among those who would dress as if they lived yet in ye past, and wore ye clothes of their grandsires to marke ye festival, as was commanded by ye manor's Lord of Misrull, and second, at ye manor of Maistra Ghita et her honorable Lord, Thomas. 7 M. Ghita spent may hours telling vs of their plans to improve ye manor over ye next summer, and I be likeminded to set my seruants to improue both ye near and far manors by her example. There we were settled, and ye next day returned vnto ye near manor and so to bed.

Vpon ye eighth day, I made my way vnto ye Earle's Chancery and gifted vnto ye clerks many sweetmeats from ye banquet of Christmas eve, and they most pleased to receiue ym of me, and in the euening, to supper with my Lord, ye Lady Isobel, and ye baybee at ye Inn at ye Azure Mound.

But vpon twelfth night, I did attend vpon ye lady Bevin and her Lord Ivan, to assist ym in supervising ye packing of their goods, yt thye might move unto a new home in ye Barony called Windhaven, and I most sorry to see ym go. Lord Ivan doth remain behind for some short while, attending to business 7 staying in ye home of M. Mysie et THL Dahriean, vpone ye good sufferance as ye dependent of M. Mysie.

Vpon ys day have I turned my attention to letters yt must be writ, and have received of ye honorable Lady Alienor Sanz-Argent of ye New Kingdom called An Tir a letter describing yt which she plans for a contest, and I have set aside my reply, being not satisfied with my writing for having no composure in my mind. Instead, I attend vpon ye Lord Ivan this evening and thereafter to bed.