Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

31 May 2005

At eventide, I received a missive of Maestra Arianna Llwyd, containing such instruction as she felt she might give regarding the construction of a dress for a masque. I read it most eagerly, and was marvelous surprised that she thought on the matter in much the same way as I. Thus it is a certainty that I shall set my servants to the task of the refurbishment of two dresses, that they may be used at the great entertainment the kyng has commanded two months hence.

So also did I set my hand to a letter intended for the eyes of the Heirs of our allies, offering up to them two documents created by my hand; it would please me greatly should they accept this gift, if it so pleaseth them.

30 May 2005

Upon the morn, my lord Miguel did return from his journey, and I most happy to see him. Though he was gone but three days on matters of business, my heart was not quiet for the parting, and he seemeth overjoyed to have returned, as well.

In the evening, Isobel returned from her cottage to dine here, bringing her companion Andrew and his man Joshua.

29 May 2005

There came news today that the Kingdom to the south hath new Heirs, of goodly skill and virtue.

In study much of this day. A small repast at one of the clock, and thence to Isobel, that I might sup with her household. The babee grows well, and soon enough shall no longer be dressed in skirts. Upon returning home, I resumed my studies, and later, to bed.

26 May 2005

To market this day, to amuse the baybee amongst the fair. He is a patient child, grave and attentive, and I am minded to look to the best of tutors as may be found, that he shall have what instruction as is best for him upon the proper time.

24 May 2005

I did dine in the company of the lady Beavin within a tavern at the great Mayfair market, and there she did confess her discontent with some of her women. I know not how to advise her, for those who have troubled me greatly in the past have long since left my compass, and I the better for it, but well I know that such a solution is not what may be most beneficial in all times and places.

Upon the completion of the meal, I accompanied her back unto her home, and there spent a pleasant hour talking with her lord husband before returning to my own home.

22 May 2005

This day, to the Jacobus pavilion, to dine with the household of the lady Diane, who does sometimes take the prankish name Deana for her great learning and who has returned from her sojourn amongst the learned nuns of the Convent of Mount Mary.

21 May 2005

To the gardens, that these may be ordered. I went forth alone, seeking the solace of small, quiet works, but in goodly time I was joined by three of my household; Miguel I set to mow the side field and thence to the repair of equipment and Rosamond and Gerald to the larger gardens.

I noted with displeasure that the lovage, sage and rue bloom already, though it be but May, and myself saw to the clipping of the sage blooms, that we may yet harvest a goodly crop before it doth seed and become bitter and tasteless; it content me to let the lovage bloom as it will, for its seeds are a passing fair addition, though it mean that the leaf be not fit for the rest of the season. We had no seed of it last year, and our stores are empty. The horehound also grows again this year, a great surprise, for it grew not at all last year, and so in winter we were without it, much to our discomfort. So also did I set out several other herbs to grow, but of them, nothing yet may be known.

Later, to Wyndham Manor, to attend the marriage feast of Phillip and Anastasia; the wedding feast was much marveled upon and the banquet thereof composed of sundry sweetmeats, to my great delight. Though I was sore tired, nonetheless I stood to several dances, that I might display my pleasure at this union, and spoke a private word of blessing and gratitude unto the lady Anastasia.

And so home, and to bed.

18 May 2005

After rising, I did travel some short distance to mine office and spent much of the day in private correspondence. There is much work to be done in ordering the estate, and however meet it is for this burden to be upon me, still I bear it to my discomfort, not in that the troubles are that which I might flee, but that they come to me for the failing of my own health these past years. Would that I had been better able to tend to the movements of my servants and estates, but in truth, such was not the will of the Lord.

Thus, I did dispatch letters unto various ministers, advising them of my intentions, and so I wait for such answers as my couriers may bear back to me.

14 May 2005

I set forth the instructions for cooking those dishes which my Lord doth enjoy and sent them unto a cousin who be not quiet for her lack of good meat, the hunting being sparse. An it please God, such receipts may help her and her household stay in good health.

09 May 2005

To make confections.

Into the fields to collect violets, to make the violet sugar so dear in banqueting. I had news from Dame Alys Catherine that such sugar is a delicacy; and so also shall I put up rose sugar, but they bloom not until Iune.