Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

04 June 2006

Vpon ys day, my Lord Miguel and I did take to ye king's roads and travel vnto Wasshyngtonport, there to attend a festival at the inuitation of my lord's man, Marcus, who doth dwell thereat or near enow. Ye roads were gode & we made most excellent time. We did walk through the faire, finding naught worth purchase but a light repast of meat, cheese , and bread, 7 so our purses did remain full. So also did we watch as a ship did sail into port and dock as best it might. Ye crew did drop ye anchor in goodly time but ye current was not enow to pull the ship full dockside. And so also did we speak with ye captain of ye ship for a brief moment, but at that time, ye hour was late, 7 I most tired, and thus forbore to accept a meal in his company.