Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

14 April 2008

On ys date, my Lord and I did meet with ye Lord Ivan Kuzmovich Velikov, who doth dwell in ye Barony of Windhaven in ys last year, and partake of a supper at ye brewery vpon Water Street. He hath removed here for some short while to receive perquisites of his place, and ys was ye one evening yt he could spend wh vs. 7 we sat at table some time, catching up on ye news of his home, of his good lady Bevin and their daughter. 7 so also did we share our own news, 7 yet the evening was too short, and so we departed his company before we desired it, 7 yet am I happy to record yt he and his lady and child are well.

7 so also did I prepare ye documents regarding ye payment of taxes for ye estates, and am pleased to know yt ye estates and my work as a tutor 7 at ye Earle's Chancery brought income enough to send vnto ye king his proportion without beggering vs nor forcing vs to vsurious moneylenders.

Vpon ye day following ye Annunciation of ye Blessed Virgin, ye Lady Isobel departed from here to make a new home in ye Barony of Madrone, which is in ye New Kingdom of AnTir, and I most sad for her departure. Ye young lord Curnan et ye babee Ryley remaineth vpon ye estate of yr father for ys time. 7 I received of her a missive describing her iourney 7 I know her to be safe, but am not yet quiet, for she is many days travel from vs. Et I have sent vnto ye Baron 7 Baroness of Madrone a letter introducing my Lady daughter, in hope yt ys might ease her.

7 so also hath my Lord's man Christopher departed, and I happy to see him go, euen vnto agreeing with my Lord that a loan of more than a *c* sovereigns to pay for his new lodging might be made, for he came to vs vpon promise of a fortnight's logdging but staid here for a fortnight et *iiij* months beyond it.

Vpon ye day of Leo ye great, I, with ye young Lord Curnan, toured ye fields of Marihaus to determine how much damage hath been done by ys fierce winter, and noted yt rabbits et other such creature had eaten to ruin ye apples, mulberry, raspberries et one of ye elderberries set into ye orchard last year. So also hath the rosemary et bay hedge and ye mint died in ys winter. Ye lemon balm, rhubarb, lovage are grown enough yt I may consider ym safe, et ye violets and dandelion grow, but ye thyme, sage, wormwood, echinecia do not do well, though they may yet recover. I am much oppressed by ys loss to my gardens and know not if it can be recovered in ys year without difficulty or if I must set aside ye plans to make ye manor euer more able to provide for itself by enlarging ye gardens in order to replant what hath been lost. I fear to see what hat occurred in the woods and fields of Wylcliffe, although my Lord's sister Catlin hath sent word that the manor itself hath endured ye winter well, still I am concerned, remebering what befell ye land and ye roads in the rains of last summer.

On ye day of St Vincent Confessor, I set to making cheese according to ye fashion of ye receipt sent to me by I know not whom, 7 it made a simple fresh cheese of a mild sweetness et flavor, and though it is good enow, it is my desire to add to it more sweetness or make of it a cake yt might serve vpon a banquet table, thinking the cheese might be improved by more honey or ginger.