Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

27 August 2007

On ys day, I received a missive of ye Lady Gwynedd yt Solomon ben Jacob, ye Levite, hath died, and am made so melancholy by ys news yt I can turn my attention to naught.

24 August 2007

On ys day, I contented myself with gleaning nuts yt had fallen, yt they may be eaten 7 ye hulls set aside for dying ye servants clothing. 7 little else hath been done in this week, owing to ye grete amount of rain yt falls daily in ys last seven day.

17 August 2007

Vpon ys day, vpon departing from ye Earle's chancery, I spake vnto a goodwife in her orchard and after expresing admiration for her raspberries she sent forth her servant with a basket of ye bushes prepared for plantying in mine own manor yard. 7 so also did Isobel, ye baybee, et I visit ye lady Gwenydd, who gifted vnto me a basket of elderberries et a quanity of new made vinegar yt I might have made up into some healthful syrup

11 August 2007

On ys day, I receiued a broadsheet declaring yt the New Kingdom of ye Middle hath won ye Pennsic Ioust and thereafter directed ye household to pack our stuffes et depart. And so thence we trauelled back to Marihaus. Our iourney took a greater time than needed, for vpon ye Crown's road near vnto ye Barony of Red Spears we found many carriages destroyed and people injured et could not continue our iourney vntil yese things were attended as best as they might be.

And vpon our return, I to a dry bed for ye first time in days, being much exhausted by ye trauel et weather 7 activites of ye Iousts.

10 August 2007

On ys ye day of Laurence ye Martyr, I made my last visit to ye market et purchased a toy for Curnan et two trinkets to be giuen unto Isobel et her Lord from Claus ye toymaker et a new stylus for my waxed tablet from Hal Raeburn, having purchased already a new fry pan from Eadric ye potter et a portable bow rest from Danr ye Smith ye day before and thus buying those things which were needed. I found no thing needed at any of ye apothecaries or spicers or merchers, and am sorry yt no new goods were to be found, but so also am I glad to have mine own coin still within my purse.

Ye previous days have been dreadful, either so wet yt ye rains damage our clothing and beds even within our pavillion or so hot yt even I thought to wear nothing but shert et trews et found myself staying within our encampment dressed in ye thinnest and least amount of ye clothing brought back from my trauels amongst ye Turks. In ys time, I did little but sleep, read and confer with ye others of ye encampment during ye days, et to visit other nobles after ye sunset. 7 may it please God, never again shall I endure such miserable weather as is to be found in yese New Kingdoms.

06 August 2007

On ys day, I went forth vnto ye market and saw thereat a display of crafts by those who would be known as masters of yr craft, et saw many beautiful works made by broiderers et painters et divers others. 7 while there I spoke with my good cousin, Melisant St Clair, et spoke with her briefly but most ioyously. So also did I walk amongst ye sellers et saw many goods, but purchased naught but a new lead point 7 new milk flavoured with the dark powder favored by ye Italians et Spaniards.

05 August 2007

Vpon ys day, I sojourned within ye encampment of Northshield, et greeted those whom I could find, spending an hour in pleasant discourse with ye quene, et Mistress Mysie, et Master Owen, Baroness Kadijah, the man at arms Phillip et his companion, and such others as I met in walking through ye encampment. Et so also did I visit ye chapel of ye bead afore returning vnto my own rest. 7 little therein the day but ye mending of my dress et reading.

03 August 2007

Vpon ye eve of St Stephen, my Lord 7 I departed from Marihaus et took to ye Kynges roads to attend ye Pennsic Iousts. We trauelled well et smooth, et ioined ye House Redhair encampment. There we were welcomed most gently, but I did no service vnto ye Crowns or perform any duties other than those to my household, having no strength et being laid low by ye grete heat. Et in those times yt I was well enow to partake in some pleasantry or be otherwise about I saw may nobles et yr households abroad in no more than shert et trews.