Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

31 January 2009

On ys day, I did not stir from out my bed chamber, owing to the grete illness I suffer. I sent a letter vnto Ethan of Gildsdorf et ate a small gruel but could do no more on account of ye illness.

30 January 2009

On ys day, I travelled vnto my lady daughter's home et spent some while in her companie, 7 we dined vpon a pottage et bread et well cooked greens vpon sops. 7 she hath sent for ye barber surgeon to assit her in her dreadful tooth-ache, but vpon his arrival he told her he could do naught on account of ye babe in her womb. 7 so we arranged what ease we could et she doth try to bear all in good cheer.

7 vpon my return to Marihaus I noted yt I felt most unwell, et retired to my chambers.