Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

26 June 2005

I tarried at home this day, whilst my Lord Miguel did attend this day of feasting at his leisure at the manor of his Aunt. He returned in compay of Rosamund, Gerald, and their daughter and her son. We passed some while in conversation, but I having little to add for my great exhaustion did but listen. I turned my hand to letters in the last of the evening, and so retired.

25 June 2005

On this day I did work to oversee a feast day for the occasion of the anniversary of my birth. The guests did arrive some hours after noon and through the eve. We ate much and had many storytellers for entertainment, and were merrier for the hearing thereof. The day was overhot, and we kept to cool pastymes, and so we danced not, nor did we run races, although the children did play at battledore and shuttlecock. Towards the evening it did rain, and soon thereafter did those who live not here remove to their lodgings.

24 June 2005

On this day did I journey to the home of the lady Bevin fitz Alan to dine in her company. I did read a book of her library whist she directed her cook in the making of dyshhes for banqueting upon the morrow at the far manor of her father.

23 June 2005

Today did I set forth new instructions for the making of the green dress. Anon I must see the said dress that I might be certain of its suitability for the coming great entertainment of Iuly. I would have the said dress decorated with beads and embroidered strips; the time doth pass far to swiftly for my ease.

So also did I travel unto the chapel at Holy Hill, and therein did I spend much time in prayer.

22 June 2005

Much of the day spent in study, and little else but goodly quantity of curiousity regarding the binding of my books.

21 June 2005

Much of the day spent in rememberance of my mother, Carole, of late memory. In the eve, Isobel, Andrew, and the baybee did come to sup with me, that I might not be alone on this mournful day, and we ate of food prepared in a most unusual way, in the manner of the people of the Orient. So also did my Lord's man, Johannes, dine with us, but soon thereafter he did take to the work my Lord did assign unto him.

18 June 2005

On this day, I and my servants set forth in company of lady Bevin to the Faire being held in the Middling West Hall of the city. The journey was of little trouble, being a dry day and the Kingdom roads in good repair but for a section just to the south of the city. The faire was overlarge, and therein we did find a goodly number of merchants selling jewels and other sorts of pearls and beads from all the world, even unto the far eastern lands of Nippon. I bought leaves and crystals and corals of many different merchants, but so also did I find that some among the traders were little more than thieves.

After, we were joined by my Lord Miguel and Beavin's Lord Ivan, to attended a new play called Man of Bats, and it was as frightening a drama as any ever I have seen. This over, we each returned unto our own estates and there unto bed.

16 June 2005

On this day, received of a messenger the green cloth I did order when last in the markets, and set the laundress to preparing said cloth, that it may be made into a dress with speed. I would have this dress before the kyng's gathering of Iuly, and thus must it be taken up before all others.

Otherwise, in company only with the baybee, and a quiet and delightful evening it was. My lord was about business in the shire called by those who do dwell therein Vanished Woods, and so he did not return until the evening was well into full darkness.

15 June 2005

On this day I met with the lady Bevin fitz Alan after much confusion; my messenger did not bear unto her my confirmation of our appointment and I waited much puzzled for some time before sending forth another messenger. Most fortunate were we that she stayed not far from the place we did arrange to meet! Thereafter we set to a simple meal of beef, bread, and fruit and spoke at length of sundry concerns whilst walking though the markets.

Upon returning to my home I did find that my Lord Miguel had in his company one Cassandra, a member of his family long ago moved to the New Kingdoms, a place I know little of called The Mists. We passed some while most pleasantly in discussion of the Papish religion and other matters of much controversy, until we realized the lateness of the hour, and thereafter she hied unto her Inn, and we to bed.

14 June 2005

Most of the day in correspondence, and most of the evening in pleasant and solitary diversions. I spent some time speaking with a one of the men who work amongst the moneylenders at the sign of the Circled Eagle; he would have me bring to him whatever debts I may have, promising that he will provide better terms, but he would have of me such an investment that I know not whether it is wise to listen to him, or best to remain with those who I do currently have acceptable arrangements.

12 June 2005

To the gardens this day; I myself planted the items sent unto me earlier. Isobel and her lord Andrew came with the baybee, who joined me in the garden, and with his small shovel he dug happily, believing himself most helpful in preparing the garden, whilst his mother did take a servant and a cart unto the market to speak with those who would build for her a series of benches, and perhaps unto the 'broideres for cushions.

05 June 2005

On this day, my Lord and I didst travel to the Ridge theater, where we did view a marvelous strange play, called I know not what, some strange fantasy of Knights who do use the power of the Lord for fearsome revenge.

02 June 2005

On this day, I received of a messenger a small bundle of plantings for my near kitchen garden, of herbs and flowers and several plants from the wild lands across the ocean; Pomum Aureum and Poma Amoris. They are much enjoyed with oil and pepper in the hot climes, so I am told, but I know naught of them directly. I am sent them as a curiosity by a lady who would be remembered unto me, and I shall set them to my garden.

I seek still both rosemary and lavender; I can find no plantings thereof.

So also on this day, we did see a troupe of passing Morris dancers, traveling I know not where. They stopped and provided us much mirth; the baybee was with us this day, and he did command my lord Miguel to join with him in imitation of the dancers; I thought to die from merriment.

Alas, the troupe did leave, but not without a small gift of us, and so to quieter pursuits for the rest of the eve.