Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

16 August 2005

On ys day, I did move to visit Sir Ranthulfr, stopping by his encampment to learn of him what new items he might have. I stayed most briefly, for there were many gathered to speak vnto him and I of little will to wait.

11 August 2005

On ys day did I perform *ij* more of my services as a vassal vnto ye Crown, instructing *ij* women in the making of blank tables and again attending vnto ye watch in the evening. So also did my Lord Miguel at last arrive, and I most happy to see him.

On this day did I fulfill the first of my services as a vassal unto ye Crowns, spending the first hours of the morning attending vnto ye watch. The weather continues hot and still, and many who do attend ye Crowns of ye New Kingdoms at this time do attyre themselves in ways that do not befit their degrees. Yet I can cast no fault vpon ym for it is so unseemly hot and uncommon dry, and better yt they wear ye dress of the Kingdoms of Persia than they fall to the sweating sickness.

09 August 2005

On this day I did hope to meet with Dame Elianora Matthews, with whom I have most cordial correspondence, but I most unwisely mistook the day. The Lady Mana Borisova was most gracious, having agreed to accompany me thereto, for she did not chide me for misremembering. Later in ye day did I swear myself to six hours in service to ye Kyngs, agreeing to supervise a cart on watch vpon the morrow and again vpon ye evening of ye 11th.

08 August 2005

This day was most cold, the air damp and the sun hidden. I did spend my time in conversation and in attendance vpon others. The great tourney doth become greatly crowded and soon enow shall the King's activities begin. I spent some while in the company of the Queen of ys New Kingdom and several of her courtiers, namely, Gevehard, Dai, Greta, Corydon, and I was most happy to see them. Later did I spend some time with those who call themselves Wulfden, but I not being interested in ye entertainment did betake me to mine own accommodations and thence to bed.

07 August 2005

On this day did the Honorable Lord Thomas depart the great tourney, that he might return vnto his lady wyfe. I know of a certainty that they shall return hereto, but I know not what morning. The day being overhot, I spent much time in rest.

06 August 2005

Vpon ye morning, we arrived at the site of the great August War Tourney. Our servants did prepare our accomodations and we did spend the day in rest.

05 August 2005

On this day, we did pack up and depart for the meeting of the Kings of the New Kingdoms. I was delayed in my departure by trouble with the small cart, but I was otherwise able to depart. There were many others vpon the road, making the first part of my journy most difficult. After many hours did I meet with Master Thorvald Redhair, The Honorable Lord Thomas Hallr Knutson, and their companie, near unto the Barony of Whitewater, and thereafter did we continue through the night, for the roads were in most excellent shape and so well populated that we feared no brigand.