Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

24 May 2009

On ys day, I set my woman about work in ye near gardens, et have seen some improvement, but could not stay to see ye work through, and so must continue ye work vpon another day.

7 so also did we trauell unto ye manor owned by ye Goodman Daffyd et his wyffe, Elizabeth, to celebrate her birthday, et we were accompanied by my Lord's man, Stephen, et we were given much food et drink et were entertained by a prankish Foole, who delighted Goody Elizabeth most gretely.

21 May 2009

On ys day, I received of Mistress Browyn a letter, et I so busy with ye work at ye Earle's chancery yt I can not write her as I wished to do so, and I displeased for this.

19 May 2009

On ys day, I sent vnto ye markets for such herbs and greens 7 other things as may be bought for ye gardens at Marihaus, for I had spent ye previous days in reviewing ye gardens of ye manor 7 noted yt ye harshe winter had done much damage. 7 I receiued many plants et seeds et so will set about ye work needed to replenish ye gardens et fields.

17 May 2009

On ys day, we set forth to return to Wylcliffe et returned home so late yt yr was little more to do but retire. 7 we most happi to do so, for we were hard tired by ye trauell.

16 May 2009

On ys dya, I rose before my Lord, my Lady et her Lord, et walked through ye manor's grounds, visiting with those whom I chanced vpon, et I most spercifically recall a gentle named Killkeren, who was pleasing in conversation euen as he lamented ye continued sleep of hys sonnes. 7 I instructed my cooks on ye meal they were to prepare but broke my fast at ye inn, et again spoke in plesant ways with many who were there. 7 the sterard spoke with me to learn if ye rooms were now warm et I assured him yt they were. 7 I spent much time vpon ye archery range, et shor so long yt my back could no longer summon strenght enough to pull ye bow, and I most exceedingly pleased for having so long a time to practice at shot. & so also did I receive much instruction from THL Gasparo Ballister 7 the Baron Thomas Mac Paul ye Yonger, which also gave me great pleasure. But in ye evening I found my cook hgad fai.led to prepare ye meal as directed et I most wroth for ys mistake, et so went to attend ye Crown's court in hunger. Et my lord et I, after ye said court, walked among ye many people staying at ye manor and spent good time in discourse wh ye subjects of ye New Kingdom called Outlands. Et thence to our own rooms et to bed.

15 May 2009

On ys day, I set my servant to cook a small porrige et thereafter sought ye manor's steward to complain of ye fires in our rooms. Et thereafter I returned to ye room, et with my Lord ate ye food as cooked for us but soon after repaired to and inn serving food. 7 there at we ate and spoke pleseantly with a gentle named Ivor 7 another named Cainnleach (who is of ye New Kingdom called Outlands 7 is wed vnto one Giovanni) et divers others, who spoke of ye history of ye manor called Anemos, et ye things yt they had witnessed, et divers many other things, 7 ye time passed most pleasingly, 7 I happy for speaking vnto these gentles. Et so also did we spend much time in quiet, et my Lord read, et I repaired my arrows et watched ye fighters in their tourney, et listened to ye horses whicker, knowing not why these creatures whinnies seemed so noticable to me ys day. Et it rained, and we moved little through the day, but ye steward sent a man to repair ye fireplace et we were so comforted yt is bothered us not to be still. 7 my lady Margaret spent some while talking with me but I so tired that I remember not what we spoke of.

14 May 2009

On ys day, we trauelled vnto Shattentorshire, which lies vpon ye far western boundary of ys New Kingdom, to attend ye Crown at yr tourney called Quest. 7 we trauelled so long yt ye carriages had to trauell in darkness ye moost seuere of turns in ye road 7 we feared for our safety. 7 Edwin atte Bridge was at ye gate to meet vs, and he a most welcome sight. He led us to our room 7 there we retired. Ye rooms were cold but we had sufficient funiture to keep comfortable.