Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

25 May 2007

Vpon ye eve, my Lord Miguel set to ye kynge's roads to do business near to ye Barony of ye Flame in ye New Kingdom to ye south, but having trouble wh ye wagon was unable to continue 7 so returneth home. 7 we thereafter moved to an inn to sup, as I had no thing ready, thinking to furnish my own meal from meat left over. My Lord attempts to arrange repair of ye wagon this date, et mayhap return to his business, elsewise, a great expenditure shall be lost et M. de Kieth, who doth accompany my Lord on ys business, will also lose yt which he hath inuested.

Et so also did I move to ioin ye archers et practice among ym vpon ye aforementioned eve, but found yt ye accursed weather did interfere so mightily yt no arrow could be loosed with accuracy et ye rains soon enow drenched vs.

21 May 2007

Vpon ys day I have sent forth a letter to all within ye Barony inuiting said gentles to consider regularly gathering at some inn or another such place to converse and perhaps eat and play at tables or merrels, 7 so I wait for reply, thinking it a good and pleasant pastime, 7 all to ye betterment of ye Barony yt we do so gather.

Vpon ye eve 7 day yt marks ye feast of Alcuin of York, my Lord et I met with ye Lord Ivan et his lady, Bevin, who hath returned for a brief sojourn in ys county in order to attend to matters of his business. And we partook of a meal within Marihaus on ye eve, and with ye Lord Ivan only vpon the saint's day, at an inn which did serve forth ye foods of Nihon 7 Cathay.

Vpon St. Antoniuses day, ye Lady Mana Borisova Tchekrygina et her Lord, Edmund arriveth from far distant Meridies, enroute to ye far north of ye Midrealm, being both lands of ye New Kingdoms. Et they staid wh vs some while, and were most welcome guests, 7 we went many places et ate at several inns of little note, having much joy in ye shared company et little concern for ye reputation of said inns.

07 May 2007

On ye eve of St Iohn Latin, Isobel brought her lady, Amabilla, 7 we set to the rearrangement 7 inuentory of ye storage of goods yt I have purchased of ye mercers, yt we may know more fully what remains therein.

But so also did Isobel bring her hound, 7 let ye cur run wild within ye fields, et it found my new-planted apples, 7 dug ym from yr places. Although I have reset ym therein, I do not yet know if ye trees shall survive, and I most distressed for this.

Vpon ye day of St Iohn Latin, I attended vpon ye Baron and Baroness of Caer Anterth, 7 watched yr tourney of ribbons, 7 visited with many whom I have long longed to see. I was maruelous pleased to see Mistress Melisant, whom I do hold in ye greatest of respect, 7 I passed a delightful hour in her company, gladdened by her news, though sad to learn yt she had come vnto ye Barony for to attend as a mourner at ye funeral of her colleague. Et so also did I speak with Kou no Toshkagi, et his Lady, ye Countess Guinevere, et also vnto ye Viscount Lief and his lady wife, who did tell of ye baybee yt they have taken as a ward, born vnto ye childe of ye Viscontess, but who hath descended to ye life of ye road and thus hath no home of her own will. An please it Heauen, ye baybee is safe vntil such time as its mother amend her ways.

This day, none but duty at ye Earle's Chancery, et I most tired, having little rest, owing to ye trauel of ye previous day, 7 so also ye time spent in ye company of ye baybee, Curnan, who is soon to be of an age to be called a young lord. I delight in his company and can not be still when he is wh me. And so this evening, to letters, and to a storyteller, and then to bed.

02 May 2007

Vpon this day I received a letter of ye black monk vnto whom I had sent ye purse for ye benefit of ye scriptorium at Wales which did contain his most humble thanks for ye gift.

Vpon ye feast of St Phillip ye Apostle, yr was a celebration of ye new year in ye New Kingdoms, the which I did not celebrate, having too many duties at ye Earle's Chancery to travel therefrom.

Et so also on ye day of Catherine of Sienna did I see to ye planting of ye apple trees obtained from ye Weston Manor in ye southernmost garden of Marihaus, having for curiosity grafted ym by my own hand under ye instruction of ye steward's man.