Dame Merouda Pendray

her chronicle


This is both a research project and an experiment in creating a diary in the style of a Tudor-era woman. Research notes are usually found here, and my primary journal is here.

30 September 2007

Vpon ys day, my Lord Miguel, with ye Lady Isobel et her children et his man Christopher, trauelled from out ye county to ye west to view an array of carriages and carts. Et I staid abed for a goodly portion of time for still being unwell but was moved to meet with ym at a baker's inn called after Atalanta, 7 then returned home and to bed.

29 September 2007

Vpon ys day, Isobel took Curnan et ye baybee to a fair, 7 later returned with ye children to accompany vs to ye Importer's Inn to celebrate ye birthday of my Lord's man, Stephan, who hath been melancholy of late but is now recovered. 7 thence home et to bed.

28 September 2007

Vpon ys day Isobel hath asked of me yt I might have ye little lord Curnan abide a night herein, yt he may have especial notice, for he hath spoken of his desire to stay here with my Lord et I, 7 I agreed that he might come. 7 so also did we have M. de Keith to sup with us at an Inn owned by a family by name of Randall, et so we ate fish thereat, as it is a fish day, and he having no fish at his home sent a request vnto vs yt we might accompany him. And no other thing of note ys day.

18 September 2007

Vpon ys day, I received of ye Marchioness a perse containing more yn an hundred sovereigns, 7 I most grateful to have it, 7 have already set it aside in ye accounts for safekeeping rather yn expenditure.

Vpon ye feast of Ninian, I attended vpon ye baron et baroness of Caer Anterth, et myself took part in yr tourney for an archer champion, et though I did well at ye third of ye contests, piercing a sack of carmine-reddened water, I did not win. Still, I am content, for having improved much in ys summer I expect I may do well enow in ye hunt. 7 so I took my duty in seeing to ye care of ye archery range after ye contest, 7 think none so pleasaunt a man to lose to as ye Lord Arnbjorn et am merry for the strength of my arm 7 my new bow. & I staid not for ye supper after, but returned vnto Marihaus.

Vpon ye holy day of ye cross, at ye Marchioness's invitation, my Lord Miguel 7 I attended a fair whereat we ate simple sausages and drank strong beer, et so also nuts and fine cakes, although yr were many finer sweetmeats et fare, 7 we watched young men playing at stoolball so long yt there were sundry torches lit yt ye men might continue play. 7 I found ys a pleasaunt perquisite et am glad to be of ye Earle's chancery.

7 through all yese day, ye Lady Isobel hat come vnto Marihaus for help et rest, being much tired after her labors but not contented to stay within childbed after her travail. Ye baybee grows well et ye little lord Curnan takes delight in hys brother.

12 September 2007

Vpon ys day, I received a missive of Mistress Tatiana bearing ye news of ye death of Master Antonio d'Agua, et I most distressed at ys news, for I know not how he died nor of any ill he sufferred, et I feel ys news exceedingly.

11 September 2007

Vpon ys day, ye Lady Isobel hath giuen birth vnto a son, whom she hath named Ryley in like manner of the Dudleys. 7 she is still to childbed, the baybee swadled beside her, although, if she is again as was with Curnan, ye babe be not swaddled for long, 7 she hath no care for the practice and advise of ye physicians in ys.

10 September 2007

Vpon ys day I did labor at ye Earle's chancery, but vpon completion of ys duty, I returned to Marihaus et noted yt the new-receiued raspberries show growth et must be planted. Et so also did I spend ye evening at my writing-table, in answer to both Goody Cristina et Mistress Bronwyn, of whom I also had a letter ys day. And so also did I receive a portion of ye gift of basil giuen vnto ye scribes of ye Earle's Chancery, from whom I know naught. Et I put ys basil to oil et vinegar, yt it may be a fine sauce, et so also did I set aside ye Calcutta fruits sent vnto me some while ago by Rosamund, which I haue preserved ys day also, in oil, et set others vpon screens to dry for use in ye winter. I know these fruits not, and can eat but one well-disbursed in a pottage or some such thing, and were it not a gift of Rosamund herself, I might think myself the target of a poisioner, so strangely biting are these fruits. They make an excellent spice, but are too keen vpon ye tongue for aught else.

06 September 2007

Vpon ys day, I receive a missive of ye Goodwife Cristina, who in my youth did also foster in ye houshold of ye Lisle's, et of whom I have heard little in many years, 7 I most pleased to recieve ys short letter of her. Et no other thing of note on ys day.

03 September 2007

Vpon ye day before Saint Gregory's eve, I set forth to ye shire of Rokeclife, there to meet wh sundry friends. My iourney was delayed, for I too tired upon ye end of my time at ye Earle's chancery to take to the road. But I trauelled without incident et found yt my woman, Margaret Fitzwilliam, had seen to the settling of a place for me, yt I might but step within et sleep had I mind to do so. 7 vpon at last arriving, I visited with my Lady Margaret, 7 Mistress Giovanna, et of course my Laurel, Bronwyn 7 her Lord, Master Calvin. 7 we spent ye day in merry discourse et ye eve in our cups, although I took little, having no head for such drink after so long a iourney.

And I was much taken by ye way in which Mistress Giovanna instructed her cooks, and found ye meal prepared to be well seasoned. Et I received of Giovanna a gift of stockings knit, a set for me et a set for Curnan, et so also a gift of olives et other fruits from Bronwyn, et I most grateful to both of yse grete Ladies.

Et upon ye next day, I departed from yt place and betook me vnto ye far manor, yt is, Wylcliffe, et saw to ye work being undertaken by my Lord's man, Christopher, who doth repair such parts of ye manor house as were damaged in ys last bitter winter et yese grete rains of these last months. & whilst there, I did note yt some of ye upper field hath been washed away by ye floods of ye last fortnight. Et I rested some while in ye care of James et Catrin, et thereafter to ye long iourney back to Marihaus.